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    Used machinery from our warehouse

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    MAP5 - Nailing machine (2 nails)
    MAP9 - Fully Automatic Printing Machine
    SKU: MAP5-used
    It's an excellent choice for companies looking to automate their printing processes.

    Nearly new. All of the main mechanisms have been replaced.

    Production year:

    Main points:
    - The construction system and the materials used have demonstrated their validity, duration and ease of maintenance
    - Electronic control with PLC

    Technical specification:
    Operators: 1
    Production rate: 1500 pcs/h regardless of format
    Setup time: <5 minutes
    Power supply: voltage 230/380 VAC 50/60 Hz
    Air consumption: 200 l/min at 5 bar
    Dimensions: LxW = 2200x800 mm, H = 1500 mm
    Weight: 230 Kg

    More info at: MAP9
    MAP5 - Nailing machine (2 nails)
    MAP5 - Nailing machine (2 nails)
    SKU: MAP5-used
    This semi-automatic option offers reliability and efficiency for smaller scale operations.

    Production year: 2016

    Production rate: 800 / 1200 Pcs/h (depending on operator's ability)
    Product range: from 20 to 125 mm (all type of handles)
    Power Supply Voltage: 230/400 VAC 50/60 Hz
    Air Consumption: 100 l/min at 6 bar
    LxWxH: 750x650x1550 mm
    Weight: 210 kg

    More info at: MAP5

    Buy back program and trade in

    Please send us your equipment condition state to estimate its value and calculate your advantages of buying a new machinery from us.
    Used machinery and Buy back program
    Our company offers fully operational, used equipment from our own production.
    Each piece of equipment has undergone thorough functionality checks and meets all the quality and safety requirements of our production standards. We provide a 6-month warranty on used equipment.

    Additionally, we are ready to buy back or exchange your used machinery for new equipment.