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PG GROUP SRL (Polese Giovanni Automation) - designing and manufacturing paintbrush machinery. We offer a wide range of innovative and high-quality machines for the brush manufacturing industry, ensuring maximum efficiency and reliable solutions for customers worldwide. P G Group expertise lies in industrial automation and robotics, providing advanced equipment for improved productivity. Automatic paintbrush making becomes easy with our machinery and service 24h srl. Find our Special Machines for Paintbrushes Industry.
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Paint brush machinery for paintbrush industry.
Paint Brush Making Machine
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EU machinery, made in Italy
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We delivers true Italian quality in our Machinery for brush manufacturers
40 years of experience
Flat paint brush and round brush produzione macchine since 1980
40 years of experience
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Paint brush maquinas at competitive and fair prices
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PG GROUP Welcome text
Welcome to PG GROUP, the leading manufacturer of high-quality paintbrush machinery. With our extensive range of innovative and reliable solutions, we are the go-to choice for companies in the brush manufacturing industry.
As pioneers in paintbrush machinery, we offer a diverse selection of machines designed to meet your specific production needs. Our product line includes advanced paintbrush assemblers, efficient wrapping machines, precision shaving machines, automated cleaning systems, and more. Each machine is meticulously engineered and built to deliver outstanding performance, reliability, and durability.
Our paintbrush assemblers, such as the MAP10-LB and MAP6-E, revolutionize the brush manufacturing process with their automated capabilities, ensuring accurate and efficient assembly. Additionally, our MAP1-B and MAP1-CT machines provide versatile printing and wrapping solutions, enabling customization and branding options for your paintbrushes.
For precise trimming and shaping of bristles, our specialized shaving machines, including the MAP2-RAS and MAP2-SM, offer exceptional performance and superior brush quality. Moreover, our MAP3-S and MAP5-S machines provide automated cleaning and nailing functionalities, streamlining your production and ensuring consistent results.
At PG GROUP, we understand that the smooth operation of your paintbrush machinery is essential for maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime. That's why we offer an extensive range of spare parts specifically designed for our machines. Our genuine spare parts ensure compatibility, reliability, and optimal performance, guaranteeing uninterrupted production.
We take pride in not only providing top-quality machinery but also offering comprehensive services to support your business. Our team of experienced technicians is available to assist you with machine installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Additionally, we offer modernization, upgrade, and retrofit services to enhance the performance and extend the lifespan of your existing paintbrush machinery.
As a company at the forefront of industrial automation and robotics, we integrate the latest technologies into our machines, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and adaptability. Our machines are designed for seamless integration into automated production lines, enabling you to optimize your workflow and achieve higher productivity.
PG GROUP is trusted by customers worldwide, from small-scale manufacturers to large industrial enterprises. Our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and continuous innovation has earned us a solid reputation in the industry. With our paintbrush machinery, you can stay ahead of the competition, increase production capacity, and deliver superior products to your customers.
To meet the demands of the industry, we also offer specialized machines like the MAP2-RAS and MAP2-SM for shaving brush production. These machines ensure precise trimming and shaping of bristles, resulting in superior brush quality. Furthermore, our MAP3-S and MAP5-S machines provide automated cleaning and nailing functionalities, respectively, further enhancing the manufacturing process.
Our machinery and services include:
MAP1-B - Universal Printing and Wrapping Machine
MAP1-BT-E - Universal Printing and Wrapping Machine
MAP1-CT - Fully Automatic Walleting Machine
MAP1-D - Fully Automatic Packaging Machine
MAP2-RAS - Shaving Machine (RAS)
MAP2-SR - Shaving Machine (RAS)
MAP2-SMF - Shaving Machine (SMF)
MAP2-SM - Shaving Machine (SMF)
MAP3-S Double - Automatic Paintbrush Cleaning Machine
MAP3-S - Automatic Paintbrush Cleaning Machine
MAP4 - Automatic Feed-Trimming Machine
MAP5 - Semi-Automatic Nailing Machine (2 nails)
MAP5-S - Semi-Automatic Nailing Machine (4 nails)
MAP6 - Automatic Assembling Machine for Brushes (4 nails)
MAP6-E - Fully Automatic Assembling Machine for Brushes
MAP7-20-E - Dosing Machine for Epoxy Resins
MAP8 - Automatic Knot-picking Machine
MAP9 - Automatic Printing Machine
MAP10-L 6" - Automatic Assembling Machine
MAP10-LB - Automatic Head Assembling Machine
MAP10-S - Automatic Head Assembling Machine
MAP10-S-12S - Automatic Head Assembling Machine 12 Heads
MAP10-TT - Automatic Head-making Machine
MAP11 - Automatic folding machine wild slide
MAP11-A - Automatic folding machine
MAP12 - Automatic Label Application Machine
MAP15 - Automatic Positioner for Glue Line + Tunnel
MAP15-7 - Automatic Positioner for Glue Line + Tunnel + MAP7
MAP16-F - Fully Automatic Ferrules Loader
MAP16-F Robot - Fully Automatic Ferrules Robot Loader
MAP18 - Automatic Round Paintbrushes Loader
The MAP18 is an automatic loader designed for the loading of round paintbrushes onto a conveyor belt. The machine is capable of loading up to 1,200 paintbrushes per hour.
MAP30 - Round transfer and positioning machine
MAP31 - Automatic Glue Line with Handles Loader
MAP32 - Automatic Trimming Machine
MAP34 - Automatic Ferrule Machine
DskVibe - Vibrating table for bristles
Paintbrush machinery spare parts
Paintbrush machinery modernization, upgrade, and retrofit
Industrial automation and robots

We understand the importance of flexibility and adaptability in the industry. That's why our machines are designed to be easily upgradable and compatible with the latest advancements. With PLC integration and remote assistance capabilities, our machines provide 24/7 technical support, ensuring uninterrupted production and peace of mind for our customers.

At PG GROUP, we are not just committed to providing top-notch machinery; we also prioritize customer satisfaction. Our dedicated team of specialized designers, technicians, and sales professionals works closely with our clients to understand their specific requirements. We strive to deliver personalized solutions that cater to their unique production needs.

With a global presence, our machines are trusted and utilized by customers across various regions, including Latin America, North America, Australia, Europe, and beyond. We take pride in our ability to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving industry and continuously innovate our products to stay at the forefront of technology.

Experience the true power of Italian engineering and craftsmanship with PG GROUP. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive range of paintbrush machinery and discover how we can elevate your brush manufacturing process to new heights.

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