MAP15 - Automatic Brush Positioner for Glue Line

  • Model: MAP 15
  • Function: The MAP 15 is a highly advanced automatic positioner specifically designed to optimize the glue line process for flat paint brush heads. It offers seamless integration with MAP 10/B Linear, MAP 10/Small, or other machines, effortlessly transferring and positioning the brush heads for precise and automated glue insertion.
  • Versatile Compatibility: The MAP 15 is compatible with flat paint heads ranging from 9 to 25 mm in thickness and 20 to 100 mm in width. This wide compatibility ensures that it can accommodate various brush sizes and dimensions, providing flexibility in production.
  • Complete Solution: To provide a comprehensive solution, the MAP 15 can be paired with our MAP 7/E Epoxy glueing machines. This combination enables a streamlined workflow from head positioning to efficient gluing, ensuring optimal productivity.
  • Efficient Processing: The MAP 15 automates critical processing phases, including the accurate positioning of heads in the clamp, precise bristle alignment verification using an electronic eye, controlled adjustment of bristle length with a bristle pusher, efficient resin distribution, smooth carriage and accommodation of heads in trays, and seamless progress of glued heads through the tunnel.
  • Enhanced Control: With its electronic control system powered by a reliable Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), the MAP 15 provides precise and consistent control over the entire operation. This advanced control mechanism ensures accurate positioning, reliable performance, and ease of operation.
  • Product Video: To visualize the MAP 15 in action and explore its features, we invite you to watch our detailed product video, which demonstrates its functionality and benefits.

The MAP 15 Automatic Positioner for Glue Line offers an exceptional combination of precision, efficiency, and automation to optimize the glueing process for flat paint brush heads. If you require further information, have technical inquiries, or wish to discuss specific requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your production needs.

Tap there to watch MAP15 Product video

Operators: 1 for unfolding

Production: 800 / 1200 Pcs/h

Power Supply Voltage: 230/400 VAC 50/60 Hz

Air Consumption: 100 l/min at 6 bar

lwh: 3400x1700x1350 mm

Weight: 350000 g