MAP7-E Special Automatic Dosing Machine for Resins with Heat Tunnel


Our dosing machine for resins is specifically designed to meet the requirements of various resin applications, including epoxy and polyester. With its advanced features and precise control, it offers exceptional performance and reliability. Here are the technical specifications:
  1. Proportioning and Dosing Capability: The machine allows for precise proportioning and dosing of resins. It offers variable dosage options ranging from 0.12 to 150 grams, ensuring accurate and consistent results.
  2. Component Proportioning: The machine enables proportional mixing of two or three fixed or variable components, ensuring the desired resin blend and ratio. This feature ensures optimal resin performance and quality.
  3. Anti-Drip Device: The dosing machine is equipped with an anti-drip device, preventing unwanted dripping and minimizing material wastage. This ensures clean and efficient operation.
  4. Highly Effective Dynamic Mixer: Incorporating a highly effective dynamic mixer, the machine ensures thorough and homogeneous mixing of resins. This promotes optimal chemical bonding and enhances the overall quality of the end product.
  5. Dosing by Low-Speed Gear Pumps: The dosing process is facilitated by reliable and precise low-speed gear pumps. This mechanism ensures accurate and consistent flow rates, contributing to the overall precision of resin application.
  6. Automatic Washing: The machine features an automatic washing system, simplifying the cleaning process and minimizing downtime between resin batches. This enhances productivity and operational efficiency.
Optional Feature: Resin Tank Automatic Agitator: As an optional feature, the dosing machine can be equipped with a resin tank automatic agitator. This ensures uniform mixing and prevents sedimentation of resins, further enhancing process efficiency.
Our dosing machine for resins is engineered to deliver exceptional performance, accuracy, and ease of use. It is an ideal solution for a wide range of resin applications, providing reliable and precise dosing capabilities.

  • Proportioning and dosing machine for all types of resins (epoxy and polyester).
  • Variable dosage from 0.12 to 150 gr.
  • Proportion between the two or three fixed or variable components.
  • Anti-drip device.
  • Highly effective dynamic mixer.
  • Dosing by low speed gear pumps.
  • Automatic washing.

Optional: resin tank automatic agitator

Power Supply Voltage: 230/400 VAC 50/60 Hz