MAP3-S Double - Automatic Paint brush Cleaning Machine

MAP3-S Double

Introducing the MAP3-S Double, our advanced automatic paintbrush cleaning machine that caters to all brush types:
  • The MAP3-S Double, is designed for automatic cleaning of every type of brush
  • Adjustable beaters speed for optimal cleaning performance
  • Adjustable belt speed controlled through HMI (Human Machine Interface) and inverters
  • Optional integration with an external vacuum system for enhanced cleaning efficiency (integrated vacuum cleaner available as an option)
  • Proven construction system and high-quality materials utilized, extensively tested in over 200 working plants, ensuring durability, efficiency, and ease of maintenance

Key Features:
  • Adjustable beaters speed for customized cleaning
  • Adjustable belt speed to match desired cleaning intensity
  • Maximum output capacity of up to 6,000 brushes per hour, ensuring high productivity
  • Conveyor belts equipped with extra-adherent LINATEX rubber, providing reliable grip and brush movement
  • Special safety device that instantly stops the machine if the casing is opened, ensuring operator safety
  • Independent motors for belts and beaters, allowing for precise control and efficient operation
  • Alternate beating action on both sides of the brush with reverse gear mechanism, ensuring thorough cleaning

Technical specification:

Production rate: 6000 Pcs/h

Power Supply Voltage: 230/380 VAC 50/60 Hz

--> Experience the power and reliability of our advanced automatic paintbrush cleaning machine, designed to streamline your cleaning processes and optimize productivity.