MAP30 - Transferring and Positioning Machine

MAP 30 - Glue line with heating tunnel and gluing machine for the round paint brushes

The Round Glue Line Mod. MAP 30 is a highly efficient and precise machine designed for the transfer and positioning of round paint brush heads. It is compatible with brush heads from the MAP 10/T or other vendor head-making machines such as Baer and Krista.
The primary function of the machine is to facilitate the automatic insertion of glue into the brush heads. With seamless integration, it ensures accurate positioning of the brush heads for optimal glue application.

  1. Following the glue insertion, the machine swiftly attaches the handle to the brush head. The handle is securely held in place by specially designed springs, ensuring proper alignment and stability during the assembly process.
  2. To allow for proper drying of the applied glue, the machine ensures that the paint brush is positioned in a resting state after the completion of the operation. This crucial step promotes the formation of strong and durable bonds between the brush head and the handle.
  3. Furthermore, the MAP 30 machine can be seamlessly connected to a heat tunnel, enabling fast and automated curing of the brush heads. This feature ensures efficient and consistent drying, enhancing productivity and reducing production time.

Key features:

  • Electronic control with PLC
  • Remote assistance (optional) available with wired or Wi-Fi connection
  • Constructive system and the materials used, tested in more than 200 workin plants, have demonstrated endurance, efficiency and ease of maintenance
  • The Round Glue Line Mod. MAP 30 is a reliable and advanced solution for manufacturers seeking improved efficiency, precision, and quality in the production of round paint brushes. Its integration capabilities and compatibility with heat tunnels make it an ideal choice for streamlining the manufacturing process.

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