MAP16-F - Fully Automatic Brush Ferrules Loader

Fully Automatic Ferrules Loader
  • One operator only for the set-up time.
  • Wide range sizes ferrules from 20mm (3/4 ”) to 100mm (4”) wide and 7 to 25mm thick.
  • Complete with electronic control with PLC, latest generation vision system and Touch-screen.
  • Electronic control with PLC and HMI. Remote assistance (optional) available with wired or Wi-Fi connection.
  • No software required for adding new programs, a normal PC is sufficient.
  • This system guarantees the correct loading of the ferrule in the loader of the machines for the production of brush heads.
  • Ferrule process for flat brushes and / or Radiators, possibility to discriminate the ferrule side to be loaded. The selection process is guaranteed by a vision system and a new generation robot (SCARA).
  • It can be connected to any machine for the production of heads.(MAP10 / Small, MAP 10 / Elite, as well as to third party machines).
  • 60lt loading hopper (standard).
  • The construction system and the high quality materials used have demonstrated the validity, duration and simplicity of maintenance, reflecting the products we already offer on the market.

Operators: 1 employee only for the set-up time

Production: Up to 1500 Pcs/h regardless of format

Material: Ferrules for flat brushes and radiators (any material)

Power Supply Voltage: 230/400 VAC 50/60 Hz

Setup Time: < 5 minutes

lwh: 3000x800x1900 mm

Weight: 500000 g