MAP7 - Automatic Mixing and Dispensing Machine for Resin


The Automatic Mixing and Dispensing Machine is a solution designed to meet the demanding requirements of resin handling. Specifically developed for epoxy and polyester resins, this machine offers advanced features and precise control for efficient and reliable resin processing.

Key features:
  1. Resin Compatibility: This machine is engineered to handle all kinds of resins, including epoxy and polyester resins. It ensures optimal performance and compatibility with a wide range of resin formulations.
  2. Proportioning and Dosing: The machine excels in accurate proportioning and dosing of resins. It employs advanced technology to ensure precise ratios and consistent performance, contributing to high-quality end products.
  3. Variable Dosage Range: With a dosage range spanning from 0.12 to 150 grams, this machine offers exceptional flexibility. It accommodates both small-scale applications requiring precise measurements and larger-scale projects demanding higher resin quantities.
  4. Catalyst Tank Capacity: Equipped with a generous 16-liter catalyst tank, the machine provides ample storage capacity. This enables extended production runs without the need for frequent refilling, ensuring uninterrupted workflow and improved productivity.
  5. Resin Tank Capacity: The machine boasts a substantial 70-liter resin tank capacity, allowing for efficient resin storage and continuous production. This large capacity minimizes downtime associated with refilling and maximizes operational efficiency.
  6. Drop-Free Mixing Head: The machine features a specialized mixing head with a drop-free device, which prevents unwanted dripping and ensures clean and precise resin application. This feature helps minimize material waste and contributes to a cleaner working environment.
  7. Pump-based Dosing: The dosing mechanism relies on a reliable pump system, which guarantees accurate and consistent resin delivery. The use of gears operating at low revolutions enhances dosing precision, resulting in reliable and repeatable resin proportions.
  8. Flexible Dosing Options: The machine enables both manual and programmed dosing options. Operators can manually control the dosing process for greater flexibility and immediate adjustments. Alternatively, the machine can be programmed to operate with a high precision timer, allowing for automated and highly precise dosing according to predefined parameters.

Optional Features:
  • Resin Heating: To optimize resin viscosity and enhance processing, the machine offers an optional resin heating feature. This feature ensures the resin is maintained at the desired temperature throughout the production process, resulting in improved flow characteristics and enhanced product quality.
  • Automatic Resin Tank Agitator: The machine can be equipped with an optional automatic agitator for the resin tank. This agitator ensures consistent resin mixing, preventing settling and sedimentation, and maintaining a homogeneous resin composition throughout production.

These comprehensive technical specifications highlight the advanced capabilities of our Automatic Mixing and Dispensing Machine. It empowers manufacturers to achieve precise resin handling, superior product quality, increased productivity, and operational efficiency. We invite you to contact us for further information or to discuss how this machine can cater to your specific production requirements.

Technical specification:

Resin tank capacity: 70 litres

Catalyst tank capacity: 16 litres

Solvent tank capacity: 12 litres

Power Supply Voltage: 230/400 VAC 50/60 Hz

Weight: 350 kg

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