MAP1-BT-E - Universal Automatic Printing and Wrapping Machine

  • The new model M.A.P. 1/BT-E proposed in a new version to satisfy completely productions capacity with possibility of using ecological materials, replaces the previous M.A.P 1/BT-E can be suppled as wrapping machine only.
  • Completely automatic, designed to wrap brush heads and stamp handles without any intervention of operator.
  • Can operate in automatic conjunction with any operating Line for finished products.

Production range:
-flat brushes from½" to 4"
-round brushes with diameter 10 mm to 55 mm with plastic or metal ferrules.

Processing phases:
-loading unit
-brush collection
-wrapping with new ecological film or other types of film
-film sealing
-trimming the wallet
-film heat-shrinking
-unload for printing
-printing with ink-pad
-unloading unit

  • Electronic control with PLC.
  • Constructive system and the materials used, tested in more than 200 workin plants, have demonstrated endurance, efficiency and ease of maintenance.

Operators: 1

Production: 800 / 1200 Pcs/h

Patching Material: single-fold heat-shrinkable film Thicness: 10 to 25 microns width max: 100 to 150mm

Power Supply Voltage: 230/400 VAC 50/60 Hz

Setup Time: 5 - 10 minutes

Air Consumption: 500 l/min at 6 bar

lwh: 3100x2400x1500 mm

Weight: 500000 g