MAP10-LB - Automatic Brush Head Assembling Machine

Automatic head assembling machine New belt transport system
  • - Ferrules range: from 3/4" to 4" in width and from 7 to 25 mm in thickness.
  • - Bristle type: Natural, synthetic or mixed filaments.

Model MAP10-LB , is an automatic assembling machine for production of brush heads with automatic insertion of 1,2 or3 wedges. (3 wedge optional)
  • It is designed to work in conjunction with an automatic system for ferrules loading (MAP16), glue insertion in finished heads (MAP31 or MAP15).

Processing phases:
- feeding of both bristles
- insertion of bristles in ferrules
- insertion of wedges
- alignment of bristles by vibration
- setting of bristles for desired height
- transfer of finished heads

  • Electronic control with PLC and HMI. Remote assistance (optional) available with wired or Wi-Fi connection
  • Constructive system and the materials used, have demonstrated endurance, efficiency and ease of maintenance

Operators: 1

Production: 800 / 1400 Pcs/h

Material: All types of bristle

Power Supply Voltage: 230/400 VAC 50/60 Hz

Setup Time: 20 minutes

Air Consumption: 500 l/min at 6 bar

lwh: 4700x2300x1900 mm

Weight: 750000 g