MAP2-RAS/SR Brush Shaving Machine (RAS or SR type)

Shaving Machine (RAS):
  • The Shaving Machine (RAS) is a highly specialized equipment designed for the straight shaving of flat brushes and brooms. It excels in both natural and synthetic bristle applications, offering exceptional versatility.
  • This machine guarantees precise and consistent shaving results, ensuring optimal bristle length and uniformity across the entire brush surface. It is equipped with advanced technology and precision mechanisms, enabling efficient and reliable operation.
  • With adjustable settings, the Shaving Machine (RAS) allows for customization based on specific requirements, providing flexibility and versatility in brush production. It significantly enhances productivity by achieving smooth and uniform bristle surfaces, contributing to the overall quality and aesthetics of the final product.

Shaving Machine (SR):
  • The Shaving Machine (SR) is specifically engineered for the straight shaving of "French" type pointed brushes, delivering impeccable precision and accuracy in the shaving process. It is tailored to maintain the integrity and shape of the pointed bristles, ensuring optimal brush performance.
  • This machine offers the capability to adjust the desired bristle length, providing flexibility and control over the final brush outcome. It incorporates advanced features and cutting-edge technology to ensure efficient and consistent performance, meeting the demanding requirements of brush manufacturers.
  • With its high-quality shaving capabilities, the Shaving Machine (SR) contributes to superior brush finishing and enhances the overall production process. It guarantees the production of high-performing brushes with impeccable aesthetics, meeting the expectations of both manufacturers and end-users.