MAP1-CT - Fully Automatic walleting machine

MAP1/CT Automatic walleting machine
  • Fully automatic in-line paintbrush walleting machine. All size from 1" to 4" paintbrush, with easy and quick size changeover.

Ultrasound Technology
It can operate in automatic conjunction with any operating line for finished products.

Production range:
- flat brushes from 1 "a 4" with plastic or metal ferrules

Processing phases:
- brush collection
- Film and folder preparation and stiffening of the walleting top
- sealing, V-cutting and punching of the bottom of the wallet
- lateral sealing and wallet cutting
- insertion of paintbrush
- sealing of the top of the wallet
- brush carriage unit

Operations Order:
1st - brush collection
2nd - extraction of wallet
3rd - sealing of the top of the wallet
4th - dinking and trimming of the walleting top
5th - folder opening
6th - labelling unit
7th - unloading of finished brush

  • Electronic control with PLC

Operators: 1

Production: 800 / 1200 Pcs/h

Packing Material: polypropylene, PVC, surlyn

Power Supply Voltage: 230/400 VAC 50/60 Hz

Setup Time: 10-15 minutes

Air Consumption: 300 l/min at 5 bar

lwh: 3300x2200x2000 mm

Weight: 700000 g